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The Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FOS) was founded in 1969 with the aim to strengthen the economy by the precious latest knowledge in the field of organization, management and information systems. The Council of the University of Belgrade, on 28 November 1970, reached decision to include the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in the frame of the University of Belgrade.


FOS is a leading faculty in the field of management and information systems and technologies, with more than 12.000 graduates, 3.000 students with master’s degree, more than 600 specialists, 600 with MSc degree, and more than 300 students with PhD degree.


The Faculty of Organizational Sciences conducts research in cooperation with economic and non-economic institutions, either through research projects – consulting; through innovation of knowledge for the needs of economic and non-economic institutions; or through services provision – review, control, etc. The research areas include: Information Systems; Information Technology; Software Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science; Systems Management; Management and Specialized Management Disciplines; Organization of business systems; Marketing, public relations and multimedia communications; Financial Management; Business Economics and Macroeconomics; Business systems modelling and decision making; Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Logistics; Industrial and Management Engineering; Technology Innovation and Development Management; Production and services management; Quality Management; Quality Logistics; Operations Research; Computational Statistics; E-Business; Quantitative Methods in Computer Science and Management; Human Resources Management; Sociology etc. Follow FOS on




Bojana Ivanović Bovan

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences


Bojana Ivanović Bovan, MSc, has more than 14 years of experience as international relations officer at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences. She works on various international activities, such as international projects, international cooperation between higher education institutions, international mobility of students and staff, organizing of international events, etc. As RMA, she participated in realization of more than 20 international projects funded by different EU and other funds, such as Council of Europe, Horizon Europe, UNDP, Erasmus+, USAID, EuropeAid, ONR, GIZ, LLP, Tempus, WUS, FP7, both as an administrative and financial support and also as a member of project teams. She participated in organization of several international spring and summer schools, international conferences, and other international events in Serbia and abroad. She participated in more than 20 trainings for international staff and RMA on various universities and organizations in Serbia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Albany, Sweden, Croatia.


Main duties in U2SID project: Administrative, financial and researcher activities.




Professor Sladjana Benković, PhD

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences


PhD. Sladjana Benković is a full professor of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade, and member of the Financial Management and Accounting department. She has over 25 years of professional experience and she has published a significant number of papers in international and national conferences, monographs, and journals. She was a scholarship holder of the US and UK Government, and during 2013 – 2019, she was a member of the Finance Committee of the UB. In a previous decade professor Benković took a part in numerous scientific and research international projects, as a coordinator and project leader, but it should be particularly highlighted her involvement in process of higher education institutions programme evaluation in Serbia and as an external evaluator of the European’ HEIs programme.



Main duties in U2SID project: Project leader, manager, administration, and researcher