Welcome to U2SID

The U2SID project, "University to Society Collaborations for Inclusive Digital Transformation in the Western Balkans," is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building Programme that promotes a comprehensive and inclusive digital transformation in the region. The U2SID 2 year Erasmus+ project is led by the University of Shkoder "Luigj Gurakuqi" in a consortium of 9 institutions from 4 different countries. Building on the successes of USIA project "University to Society Innomediaries in Albania: Co-Production of Knowledge and Research that Matters" Erasmus+ Project (2021-2023), we've joined forces with our partners to take the next step in fostering Quadruple Helix with a focus on inclusive digital transformation across the Western Balkans. USIA Project strengthened institutional and human resources capacities in Albanian universities by establishing Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Brokerage units, bridging the gap between university, business, government, civil society, and media. Now, it is time to leverage these achievements with U2SID! The aim of U2SID is to foster inclusive digital transformation in the Western Balkans by enhancing collaboration between universities, businesses, policy makers, civil society, and media.


U2SID contributes to the innovation in higher education, enhancing its relevance to the labour market, regional development, and society. The project not only facilitates knowledge transfer, but also creates economic and social value through the dissemination of teaching and research outcomes to the community and society. With a focus on regional HEIs, U2SID fosters strong collaboration between universities and other stakeholders, such as private sector, policy, civil society, and media, ultimately increasing the digital competence of students and staff.