Center for Comparative and International Studies


The Center for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS) is an Albanian non-governmental organization that focuses on sustainable development and European Integration issues, good governance, activities for social and economic inclusion, human rights and security, youth and social innovation and digitalization.


CCIS produces policy papers, research reports; organizes conferences, capacity-building programmes and public events.


The organization works with various stakeholders including government institutions, private sector companies, civil society organizations, and local communities to promote sustainable development in Albania.


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Dr. Dorina Gjipali

Dr. Dorina Gjipali joined CCIS three years ago, where she excelled as a researcher and project manager for various EU-funded initiatives, including Erasmus+ CBHE, Erasmus+ CB for YOUTH, IPA and Europe for Citizens. Her role focused on the knowledge triangle of education, research, and innovation within CCIS, as well as ensuring high project quality and monitoring.


She also provided essential guidance to teams involved in project monitoring and evaluation, producing comprehensive reports. With her diverse skill set in research, policy analysis, and project management, she greatly enhanced CCIS's research and collaborative efforts.


In addition to her CCIS role, Dorina is currently a lecturer at "Aleksandër Moisiu" Durrës University. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Law and a Master of Science in International Law from the University of Bologna, Italy, and completed her doctoral studies at the Institute of European Studies, University of Tirana.


Dorina is not only a dedicated professor but also an author or co-authoring numerous scientific articles published nationally and internationally. Her contributions extend to active participation in national and international scientific conferences, and she plays essential roles in various national and international projects as a mentor, consultant, and coordinator, particularly within EU-funded initiatives, reflecting her commitment to advancing research and education in her field.



Enis Sokoli

Msc Enis Sokoli, is a Research Manager at the Center for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS) in Albania. His role is closely tied to research and scientific endeavors, and he serves as a project researcher for other CCIS initiatives.


He holds a Master of Science degree in "Business Information Systems." Over the years, he has actively participated in various training programs, both nationally and internationally, focusing on topics such as women's leadership, evaluation and monitoring, networking, team building, and industry development trends.


For five last years, he was been a researcher and project for the EU funded projects, like Erasmus+ CBHE, Erasmus+ CB for YOUTH, IPA, ADRION, Europe for Citizens etc.  In this role, He managed CCIS's knowledge-triangle encompassing education, research, and innovation, and oversaw project quality monitoring.


He has also played a role in consulting teams supporting government efforts to empower women entrepreneurs in the IT sector.


Enis's comprehensive skill set, rooted in research, policy analysis, and project management, can undoubtedly enhance the research and collaborative efforts within CCIS. His contributions can span from data collection and analysis to the formulation of recommendations for improved governance and policy-making.