“University to civil society collaborations through knowledge transfer”

In the framework of the Week of Civil Society 2023 in Albania


In the framework of Civil Society Week 2023 organized by the National Resource Center for Civil Society  and with the support of the European Union, the University of Shkodër "Luigj Gurakuqi", coordinator of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project U2SID - University to Society Collaborations for Inclusive Digital Transformation in the Western Balkans, on 31st May 2023 conducted a collaborative event with local civil society organizations. In the event were present lecturer, researchers, administrative staff, and students from the University of Shkodër "Luigj Gurakuqi", civil society representatives and general public. 


Brikene Dionizi, project manager for U2SID project, did a presentation on “Strengthening Academia-Civil Society Collaboration: A Case Study of the Erasmus+ U2SID Project at University of Shkodër "Luigj Gurakuqi", where the importance of collaboration was highlighted. Such collaborations are valued to enhance research, policy influence, social impact, and practical applications of research. 


Arta Nikolli, general director at Youth Centre ARKA  presented the “Impact of Civil Society on Policy Development and Public Opinion Shaping: A Case Study of Youth Centre ARKA  ”. The importance of involving youth in public discourse and decision-making processes was highlighted and illustrated how “ARKA  ” empowers youth to participate in these processes and the differences their involvement makes.  


Rozafa Shpuza from Art Gallery ODA , presented “The possibilities for collaboration between university and civil society for enhancing cultural experiences in the local community”. She showcased successful collaborations that enhanced cultural experiences in the community of Shkoder and emphasized the role of these partnerships in fostering a greater sense of community, promoting inclusivity, and encouraging residents’ active participation in cultural activities. 


Environmental Challenges in Shkoder, engagement of Well Point organization and the collaboration with the University and other actors in the society, was the presentation from Aurora Piroviq, general manager of Organization Well Point. She detailed some environmental issues in North Albania and argued for the involvement of various societal actors in environmental conservation. Mrs. Piroviq offered examples of successful multi-sectorial initiatives and the impact they had. 


At the end Mrs. Dionizi stressed out how strongly the University of Shkodër "Luigj Gurakuqi" values its partnership with civil society organizations, recognizing that the unique combination of academic expertise and civic resources is key to addressing the current social, environmental, and economic challenges. This collaboration aims to harness the strengths of both academia and civil society in fostering a comprehensive approach to tackle today's societal issues.