Meeting in the Framework of WP2 at Mediterranean University of Albania (MUA)


On 15th November 2023, at MUA premises, it was held an internal meeting in the framework of the WP2 of the U2SID project. Team members of the U2SID project met with each other to discuss on the important tasks that need to be done for the Task 2.1.1 Need assessment and pre-evaluation survey of digital literacies within WP2, as well as, to take notes on the role of each one of them and their responsibilities.  Prof. Assoc. Dr. Nevila Xhindi emphasized the importance of AI for universities as it can drive advancements in research, improve the quality of education, streamline administrative processes, enhance student support, and contribute to overall innovation and global collaboration within the academic community.


The process of delivering the questionnaires to the target audience has already started at MUA.