Focus Group with academics from Mediterranean University of Albania In the Framework of WP2 Digital Literacies Programme


4 December 2023


U2SID plays a pivotal role in fostering innovation within higher education, elevating its alignment with the demands of the labor market, regional development, and broader society. Beyond merely facilitating the transfer of knowledge, the project actively generates economic and social value by sharing teaching and research outcomes with the community, thereby contributing to the overall progress and well-being of society.


During the focus group held at the Mediterranean University of Albania  (MUA) on Monday, December 4, 2023, organized by the U2SID project team, a total of 13 lecturers and professors actively participated.


The U2SID team elucidated the study's objectives and the focus group's goals, emphasizing the assurance of anonymity and confidentiality to the participants.


The session aimed at gathering qualitative insights from lecturers regarding their experiences, challenges, and needs related to digital literacies, digital tools, AI, and machine learning in both teaching and research domains. Participants were encouraged by the organizers to share both positive experiences and challenges, fostering an inclusive discussion that allowed every participant to contribute their opinions.


Topics covered included the current state of digital literacy among lecturers and how they integrate digital tools into their curriculum. Lecturers were queried about their familiarity with machine learning and e-learning platforms and how these platforms support their teaching and research processes. This approach helped identify challenges and opportunities associated with digitalization, particularly in adapting these platforms to accessible systems for students.


Participants were further inquired about the types of professional development or training they would find beneficial in enhancing their proficiency with digital tools and AI in their professional endeavors.


To conclude, the organizers summarized the key points discussed during the event and elucidated the subsequent steps of the Post-Focus Group Actions.